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The application aims to create a special community for dentists and those responsible for companies and dental laboratories, as well as recent dental graduates in particular, to increase experiences and benefit from services, products, and even information of benefit to everyone.

Dentists, owners of medical centers, officials of companies and dental laboratories, as well as recent dental graduates.

Yes, Dr.Dent is linked to the "Asnani" application directed to patients and visitors to dental clinics, and everything published on Dr.Dent regarding the doctor’s information, his/her clinic, and his/her offers is shown to the patient in the "Asnani" application and through it he/she can book appointments through it and are sent to the doctor’s account at Dr.Dent.

The Dr.Dent application is a social media platform specialized in the dental market, as it brings together companies, laboratories, centers, clinics, and graduates under one umbrella, allowing them to communicate, display products, exchange ideas, conduct workshops, and employ graduates.

Dr.Dent offers many services. Once you register as a company or supplier, you can market your products for free and without any commissions. You can build relationships with doctors, centers and clinics registered in the application and communicate with them directly through their pages.