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Complete care of your teeth

Once the patient downloads the “Asnani” application, patient can view the doctor and center page published in the Dr.Dent application, book appointments and cancel for free, and communicate with the service provider via text. The patient can also add an evaluation according to the service, reception, waiting time, and see previous evaluations.

Distinguished medical staff

The Dr.Dent and Asnani applications provide a set of digital solutions in the private sector dental market that ensures all users reach their destination in a professional, fast and easy way through phone applications.

High quality equipment

The Dr.Dent application allows service providers and graduates in the dental sector to build bridges of commercial communication and knowledge between different sectors in the field of dentistry in the private sector, which includes doctors, clinics, companies, laboratories, and graduates in your region and abroad.

Advanced dental care

The Dr.Dent application provides new solutions serving patients in the dental sector with a new idea and an easy approach that aims to develop the therapeutic service through the “Asnani” application for patients, which allows the patient to search for the best therapeutic services, offers, discounts, and doctors in the field of dentistry in his area or any other area.

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The Dr.Dent application, which specializes in the dental market, provides you with many features

We shorten the distances for you and overcome all the challenges you face, whether time or lack of experience, with ease and professionalism, to help you launch in the dental market.

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Why Choose Us

What Distinguishes Us From Others

Dr.Dent differs from other social applications in that it is the first electronic application for social networks and businesses specialized in the field of dentistry to exchange knowledge, ideas, and job opportunities. It is a pioneering means to help individuals and establishments expand their businesses.


Multiple medical interfaces for everything related to dentistry

The largest gathering in the dental market of suppliers and service providers in the private sector, which helps in developing the labor market, acquiring skills and experience, and learning about everything new in the dental market.


Distinctive services provided by the application in all interfaces

We are committed to excellence by presenting the dental market closer to you and with a new concept and a more comprehensive vision through which you can reach all your needs with ease and in the shortest time.


Confidentiality in all transactions and data of all users

All data is encrypted and secured to ensure the safety of user data and conversations.


Providing a feature to search for a job opportunity or to announce a job application

The doctor and graduate can create a personal file, attach a CV, and advertise his or her special skills, academic qualifications, and practical experiences.


Providing a social networking feature to keep up to date with everything new

When the user is invited by other users to communicate with them, he will receive an invitation that he must accept after which he can send messages, chat, and share files with them.


A distinguished work team to provide all assistance to application users

You can submit your inquiries and questions and it will be answered as soon as possible.

The Best App For You

Helps You And Your Patients Achieve Success Very Day


The "Asnani" application offers you the best services, offers, discounts, and doctors in the field of dentistry in your area or any other area. By downloading the application, you can now obtain many features, including: seeing previous reviews, viewing the doctor’s page and see the center’s page, adding a rating according to the service, reception, and waiting time, booking appointments and cancel for free, communicate with the service provider via text and receiving notifications of daily offers and discounts for free and with ease.

Graduates & jobs

For dental graduates and job seekers in the dental sector, you can add a CV, publish it, and display it directly on the jobs page for clinics, dental centers, and companies in all regions with ease. You can also easily follow the employment offers submitted. It also allows you to communicate, know the supplying companies, and follow the latest products.

Companies & dental laboratories

It includes a large group of doctors, clinics, dental centers and laboratories specialized in all regions and allows you to quickly access all of them to expand your circle of relationships and clients and share the latest products and technologies with them with ease.

Doctors & medical centers

You can create your own page, communicate with companies, suppliers, and laboratories, and follow up on jobs. You can also, with your account as a doctor and medical center, link your account to the “Asnani” application for patients, advertise your services, and receive patient reservations according to your region with ease.