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Site Privacy Policy

1. When you contact us:
  1. All data provided by you will be treated as confidential.
  2. Forms submitted directly on the network require data that will help us improve the application.
  3. The data provided by you will be used to respond to all your inquiries, comments, or requests by this application or any of its affiliated applications. We will not disclose the information to any third party, and we will not sell, trade, rent, or disclose any information for the benefit of any third party outside this application or its affiliated applications. The information will only be disclosed if ordered to do so by any judicial or regulatory authority.
2. You must not:
  1. Republishing material from Dr.Dent without the administration’s permission or approval.
  2. Copying materials from Dr.Dent without management’s permission or approval.
  3. Redistribution of content from Dr.Dent without the administration’s permission or approval.
3. Application and website responsibility:
  1. The Dr.Dent website and application will not be liable for any damages or expenses for any incorrect use of the application.
  2. Dr.Dent website and application reserves the right to monitor all operations and remove them when they are deemed inappropriate, abusive, or cause a violation of these terms and conditions.
  3. The application was created specifically for doctors, owners of medical centers, owners of companies, dental laboratories, and newly graduated dentists. When the application administration discovers any unreal or fabricated data, it has the right to suspend the account of the owner of this data and withdraw all powers to access or benefit from the fraudulent account without referring to the account holder.
  4. This application is not a reliable document in the conduct of financial and accounting operations, whether legally or in terms of the realism and accuracy of all its numbers, but rather it is merely a guideline only for managing the application to improve the relationship between users on the one hand and management on the other hand.
4. You warrant that:
  1. Once you complete registration on the application, you are entitled to obtain all the features of the application according to the type of registered account.
  2. We will not violate through your dealings any of your intellectual property rights, including but not limited to your copyrights, patents or trademarks to any third party.
  3. All transactions do not contain any defamatory, offensive, indecent or otherwise unlawful material which constitutes an invasion of privacy.
  4. Comments and communications will not be used to solicit or promote business or present commercial activities or any unlawful activity.
5. Hyperlink to content:
  1. Hyperlinking to our content organizations may link to our website without prior written approval, such as government agencies, search engines, and news organizations.
  2. Online directory distributors may link to our website in the same manner as the websites of other listed companies. These organizations may link to our home page, to publications or to other website information so long as the link is not in any way misleading and it does not imply our endorsement or approval of the associated party and its products and/or services.
We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the confidentiality and information privacy policy if necessary and when appropriate. The amendments will be implemented here and you will be continuously notified of the data we have obtained and how we will use it.